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The word Susej is pronounced SooSAGE.  Prince Susej ™ is trademarked by Dayspring Studios, the non-profit umbrella ministry for the Lord Family.

Prince Susej is an audio drama that can be utilize at Vacation Bible Schools, Children’s Camps, Kid’s Crusades, Family Retreats, Outreach Dramas.  To date there are four episodes.

Prince Susej is the brainchild of the Lord Family that was birth over a period of several years during their ministry in children’s church.  They wanted to create something that would minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who hadn’t professed belief in Christianity and present it in such a way so as NOT to turn them off but lay the foundation for a teachable moment regarding the necessity of receiving GOD’s free gift to the human race.  They also wanted something that would exhort existing Christians to realize that GOD offers the believer more than just the gift of salvation.  Finally, the Lord Family wanted something that would be appropriate for all ages. 

Prince Susej is a story that closely parallels the fall of the human race, the need for a savior, and our existence in the domain of Satan who is the enemy of the human race.  The backdrop of Prince Susej is medieval and utilizes castles, kingdoms, a king, a prince, a court minstrel, lords, knights, squires, pages, duels, swords, and yes of course a damsel in distress! 

We desire Prince Susej ™ to be used mightily by GOD in these last days!

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Coming soon, Good LORD willing, we'll have more episodes.  We are also working on an interactive computer adventure game featuring Prince Susej ™!  So check back often!

Many Thanks to Andrew Arseneau for the illustrations.

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